What is better than internet search? Ai Search. And what is better than Ai Search?

“Pro Ai Search” with topic focused prompt and data.

AiaaS: AI as a Service
     Combined Power of AI + Data + Logic

Imagine your Bot
Get Intel, Automate or Forecast Using Your Data
Turnkey AI Hosting

1. Intuitive Custom Engines Built Using Your Logic.
2. Choice of Machine Learning (ML) Open Source Ai Models.
3. Natural Language Processing (NLP) for Data Curation: We do not need fancy databases; we will scan your documents or use your pdf files or websites.

Tested for Relevancy, Accuracy, Benchmarking & Guardrails

Client Whitelabel & Hosted Backend

Early Adopters: Define Objective | Share Sample Documents | Test Alpha Version

{Select Open Source, Model & Customize}

<Moments not months at Ai speed/>