Mango Tree Fruits


Why the name, Mango?

Have you ever tried selecting a name for business that clears all hurdles? Operations aside, name is only as good as the product or service it provides. Historically many "bad" names have succeeded and "good" names have failed in business.

Mango and mango leaves represent prosperity in the eastern culture and growing in popularity in the west. People in Michigan ask why the name Mango and people in Florida say what a cool name. Mango tree is a perennial and top favorite fruit of the founder.  The name was an idea of one of his two children while the other contributed to the logo representing picking the ripe fruit.

We hope your business passion is as sweet as a ripe Mango!



Founder, Satish Dharwadkar, with roots in technology, finance, and multiple business ventures was frequently looking for the right professional for a job on hand. Whether it be an attorney to help with incorporation or intellectual property, or a CPA to setup books or maintain taxes or a place to rent an office, it was always a time consuming challenge. Each need drove him back to internet searches followed by screening of potential professionals and ultimate selection. This constant need led him to the idea of the MangoTree® Pro platform.

Armed with technology advisors and energetic programmers from local universities, MangoTree® Pro was founded in 2015.



The main benefit of using mangotreepro.com is to save time for consumers and business owners on endless internet searches for finding an appropriate professional. And sometimes avoid the procrastination caused by the daunting process of finding the professional. We present a short list of professionals based on user's unique criteria, ability to manage professionals, and plan for future needs in a totally independent and unbiased manner. We do not receive any fee or kickbacks from search results presented to you.

If you are a user of an advisor provided portal ("Institutional B2C"), you will also be able to see your advisor's ratings or recommendations on top of our results. We know clients trust their advisor's recommendations.

And if you are an intermediary marketing to advisors, please call us for set up of your custom portal and service level to help increase your appointments, nurture your book, and increase sales to institutions ("Institutional B2B").


Data Security

Your information is safe with us. The founder, as a financial advisor with another company, knows all too well that client trust trumps all other characteristics.

We collect minimal information such as name, address, email, and phone number for servicing purposes. Our site uses two factor authentication and secure connection. Any payment information is transmitted via a PCI compliant application vendor and we do not store your banking information. Your personal information is not disclosed publicly unless you tell us to. Only your ratings of service providers will be aggregated with those of other users and the aggregates shown for the benefit of our users. At this point we are not providing ability for your comments or blogs to be disclosed publicly.

Although we show licensed professional listings, our site or service does not provide licensed professional services and is not subject to any specific industry compliances, licenses or registrations. Please see our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for further details concerning our business practices.



                                                                             March 2016